Seven Ways to Reduce Eye Strain – Naturally

There are many ways to reduce eye strain and all of them are dependent on two basic understandings – your particular symptoms and the cause.

The cause of the most common form of eye strain is the work you do. Most people work within a constant focal length. Your eyes never get a rest from this. This can be from looking at a computer screen all day, from doing fine needle-work, if you are a watch repairer or if you are a dentist.

All these occupations require your eye to remain in a fixed focal length for far longer than it was naturally designed.

Here are some helpful tips to reduce eye strain naturally.

  1. Periodically (every 10 minutes if you can), move your eyes away from your work and look at a distant object. If you can look out of a window, so much the better. Focus on a cloud or a distant object. Initially you’ll feel discomfort. As you practice this more often, this will ease. The discomfort comes about because you are using muscles you don’t often use.
  2. When you are in a safe environment, take off your glasses or contacts. Stretch your eyes as much as possible.
  3. Allow natural, unfiltered sunlight directly into your eyes. You can do this by looking directly at the sun, when it is low in the sky in the mornings and evenings, or just be out in nature during the day.
  4. Palming is when you cover your eyes with your cupped hands, allowing the fingers and heel of your hand to blend into your face, but avoiding contact with your eyes. Do this daily for as long as feels comfortable. This relaxes your eyes and so your eye sight improves.
  5. Daily eye exercises can be as helpful as daily body exercises – close/distant objects, up and down as far as possible, left and right as far as possible, roll around in a circle in one direction, then another. All with your head still.
  6. The homeopathic medicine Ruta is a very fast way to reduce eye strain, after you have been doing a lot of close work.Typically, your eyes feel stiff.
  7. A healthy diet should always be considered a basic starting point for the preservation of health or the effective recovery from ailments. Natural foods which are dark in colour have the greatest impact on the health of your eyes – carrots, tomatoes, capsicums (peppers), dark green vegetables (spinach, silver beet, swiss chard, broccoli, kale, etc), spirulina and other blue-green algae.